18 September 2012

Just keep swimming...

This is just going to be a quick update, and please pardon nonsense words and typos because I am doing it from my phone...

The team had a sit-down with the Infectious Diseases doc to discuss the Ampho the other day... to try and come up with the "least worst" plan for treating Brigid through the latter course of this infection. They are still not happy with how the meds are affecting her heart rate and blood pressure (she has been as low as 65/30 BP and 45 HR) and there is an added hiccup of new abdominal pain (and she doesn't normally verbalize pain).

So... ID feels that, despite the fact that "best practice" would be 6 weeks of treatment to be certain the bugs have cleared, the most prudent thing for our little lady is to treat her for 4 weeks and then take her back in for the surgical placement of a new indwelling central IV line in her chest. I have to be honest, I am not too upset by shortening the course... poor little princess is complaining of pain more and more often, and I hate to see her so listless :(

I was so happy to see Daddy on Friday. It was the first time we had seen him since Brigid was transferred here, and we likely won't see him again for another 2 weeks. This separation is so hard on all of us, but with gas over $1.30/L ($5.20/gal) we can't afford trips any more often. As it is, roaming charges on my phone, food and accommodations are hitting us hard financially - being here adds so many expenses, but the regular ones at home don't stop either. There is a "Donate" link at the top right side of this page... If you are able to help, even a little, we would be so very grateful.

Thank you for your thoughts, well wishes and prayers... They do help us get through some very tough times.

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